In English

The Circulus Latínus Londiniénsis (London Latin Circle) gathers together all kinds of people living in or near London who are interested in speaking Latin, the language not only of our great Roman ancestors but also distinctively emblematic of British culture through the ages, the language of famous Britons, from Alcuin of York and Duns Scotus to Thomas More, Francis Bacon, and Isaac Newton.

The London Latin Circle meets once a month, on the second Monday of the month.  All, whatever their ability in Latin, are most welcome to attend in order to participate in the discussion or just to listen.  The meeting is led by the member who is next on an alphabetical rota, who chooses the place, topic and style of that session.  On this site you can read minutes of past meetings and check the calendar of future meetings.

Since we anticipate that most people who are interested in the Circle will be able to read some Latin, the website (apart from this page) is written in Latin.  However we are very happy to receive and respond to enquiries in English.